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Darby Hinton (Actor/Director)

(Born: August 16, 1924   Died: March 18, 2010)

Darby Hinton Facebook Friends Page

Internet Movie Database - Filmography for Darby Hinton

Fess Parker (Actor/Director)

(Born: August 16, 1924   Died: March 18, 2010)

Daniel Boone TV Show Official Page

Fess Parker Winery and Vineyard
Mary's Fess Parker Homepage
Internet Movie Database - Fess Parker

Patricia Blair (Rebecca Boone)

Patricia Blair (The Rifleman)
Internet Movie Database Entry, Patricia Blair

Ed Ames (Mingo)

Patterson and Associates - Ed Ames
Internet Movie Data Base - Ed Ames' Filmography
The Ames Brothers

Veronica Cartwright (Jemima Boone)

The Official Veronica Cartwright Site

Dallas McKennon (Cincinnatus)

(Born: July 19, 1919   Died: July 14, 2009)

Voice Chasers - Actors - Dallas McKennon
Internet Movie Database - Dal McKennon

Albert Salmi (Yadkin)

(Born: March 11, 1928   Died: April 23, 1990)

Albert Salmi
Albert Salmi Tribute
Internet Movie Database: Albert Salmi

Robert Logan (Jericho)

Internet Movie Database: Robert Logan

Don Pedro Colley (Gideon)

The Official Don Pedro Colley Website
Internet Movie Data Base - Don Pedro Colley

Jimmy Dean (Josh Clements)

Internet Movie Database - Jimmy Dean
Jimmy Dean Page
Wikipedia Article - Jimmy Dean

Rosey Grier (Gabe Cooper)

Internet Movie Database - Roosevelt Grier
Rosey Grier's Needlepoint for Men

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